Monday, April 6, 2009

Appointments for Art Placement Subcommittee

A few quick notes about the Arts Placement Subcommittee:

In the past, the subcommittee has not met during the Legislative Session. This session just concluded was no exception. However, we will not be able to schedule the next meeting until the new appointments from the Governor's office (an architect, historian and artist) have been made in addition to member assignments from the Senate and the House.

We have been in touch with those offices for direction and we understand the appointments will be coming shortly.

During renovation of the Capitol the duties of the subcommittee were pressing enough that monthly meetings were required. This meant considerable sacrifice for the members of the subcommittee. Now that the Capitol is complete, the primary responsibility for the subcommittee comes in the form of oversight of the exhibits and conservation programs of the complex. By statute, the subcommittee will now meet quarterly.

Karen Hale, chair of the subcommittee, together with the Capitol Preservation Board's representative Senator Mark Madson, are the sole subcommittee members at this date. Sadly, we will say good bye to Kaiti Slater, Max Smith, Kendall Brown, Susan Lawrence, and Peggy Wallace. And we await the re-appointments or replacements for Senators and Representatives.

From my perspective, this seemed to be the most hard working, congenial and conscientous subcommittee of the Capitol Preservation Board. I came to the Capitol just as the building was closing. Many of the decisions and hard work were complete; and thanks to the members, the transition to the new building was relatively effortless.